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Defective product

Our units are designed for a very long operating time and very low power consumption.
If you find that your device does nevertheless have a defect,
e.g. it no longer opens or closes, then please contact us first.
Usually it is enough, if you only send us the circuit board in a padded envelope repair.

Sending the boards by letter is cost-effective and quick.
We do the repairs within a few days of receipt and send them mostly also back by letter.

We do not accept unpaid shipping!
(Please contact us first.)

Please insert a brief description of the fault. Explain the behavior of the
VSB, no opening or closing, the position at which the slider stops (are there
moto noises, do you use accessories such as outdoor light sensor or timer, did you have even tried somewhat to solve the problem by yourself).

It is always a good help if you send us pictures of the inside of your device (without lid) and how it is mounted together with the slider, by email! You will find the e-mail address under "Contact" in the menu bar.

Defective product
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